Recruitment Stats at Grey Orange

At Grey Orange, we use at least 20 different recruitment channels. Some of these are via service providers that we pay for while the others are good ol’ referrals, inbound etc.

It is worthwhile looking at our recruitment stats.


Some other data:

  • Sample size: 36
  • Tech team 29 (81%)
  • Women team members: 22% (we see this increasing)
  • Colleges represented: BITS Pilani, Goa, Hyderabad, IIT Kgp, ISB, IIM B, MANIT, GGSIPU, Somaiya etc.
  • Past organizations: Amazon, Qualcomm, Gallup, Aavishkaar, Framebench, Robotis, Titan, Tata Motors, Robert Bosch, Flipkart etc.
  • Departments: Mechanical, Server Side Engineering, Embedded, Sales/Business Development/Marketing (Domestic and International), Electronics, Installation and Maintenance, Admin/Finance, Talent, Facility Management, Workshop Ops

Some things which are interesting to observe:

1) Clearly referrals are (as they should be) the winner. Most referrals so far have been from the BITS network. Of the 8, 6 are from BITS (more specifically, 2 are from Team Acyut, which Samay and Akash led while in college). Referrals also have the highest strike rate.

2) We definitely uptil now have believed in catch them young, this is evident in the numbers where nearly 45% are fresh campus recruits or via internships.

3) We’re quite clear on internships. 6 months or more. With the intention of hiring them thereafter. It simply doesn’t make sense other wise. Unfortunately, this ends up becoming a way for us to attract talent where we want the probation period to be a little longer before we make a decision. For undergrads, since BITS is the only college which offers 6 month internships, we end up going with that.

4) Portals which work for us:

  • Toptalent (thanks Varun, Silus) has worked well for us for young technical profiles.
  • HasJob helped us attract Server Side talent. Embedded ends up becoming a positive spillover effect, where we figure some developers would like to learn embedded.
  • Headhonchos (thanks Uday) is useful for mid level admin/finance dept recruitment.
  • Naukri is a shot in the dark, but it helps in finding talent in admin/finance

5) Executive Search Firms in general have been a major disappointment. One could be that we’ve used them for the most scarce profile: Electronics. But I have found executive firms not being able to service our need. The amount that they charge (normally 1 month CTC) is often not commensurate the quality of candidates they refer. (We even mentioned the companies we’d like their referred candidates to be from, but to no avail). We figured it is really the last resort.

Some unproven hypothesis:

1) Angel List: Everyone says its the place to go to. Somehow hasn’t resulted in positive results as such. Maybe Angel List isn’t so great for Delhi. Or maybe it isn’t so great for non-Design, non-front end programming talent. Or maybe we might have jumped the gun. We did find some excellent undergrad (those that will graduate this year) folks on this who had worked in aerial vehicles, solid state physics, functional programming, but the timing didn’t match and in some cases, neither did the expectations.

2) Linked Recruiter: I don’t know if its the algorithms but we ended up attracted simply the wrong kind of candidates from Linkedin recruiter.

Portals that we’re hoping big things from and we hope they prove us right:

1) Hirist: With the success of iimjobs (Go Tarun!), I am hoping that Hirist will be able to get a critical mass of hardware professionals. This is a clear gap (from the recruiters perspective). I am not sure if is from the 2-3 yr exp candidate’s perspective.

2) Really Good Jobs: Something that Sudheendra, junior from college started, we’re hoping a curated list of interesting jobs would attract a better candidate pool.

Addendum: The current team size is greater than the sum of these numbers but I haven’t included the helper staff in this, which are about 8 in number and are purely referral based.

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